Indimi, Buhari’s In-law gives daughter in marriage to Yar’adua’s son | Why Zarah Buhari May Not Attend

All seems set for the mother of all weddings in the north as the Indimi family celebrate another wedding in Maiduguri this June.

The Indimi family is known to be in-laws to the high and mighty in the society including the Nigerian President, Mohammadu Buhari, is said to spare nothing in ensuring they make headlines.

The groom, Mohammad, who is son of late NNPC Managing Director, Abubakar Yar Adua will be getting married to Hauwa Indimi.
Not many believed this wedding will take place considering what had transpired among Mohammed who is in his late 20s, another Indimi’s daughter, Fatima and Zarah Buhari.

Mohammed once dated Fatima Indimi, who is Hauwa’s step-sister.

Then, Mohammad was said to have been enjoying a warm romance with Fatima Indimi, who was once at the center of some nude pictures mess which shook the social media a couple of years back. He was said to have felt terribly bad about the backlash from the scandal that he walked out of the relationship only to resurface with Zahra Buhari.

Recall that Mohammad dated Zahra Buhari for two years before the latter’s father became President. The relationship blossomed all through the first year of Buhari’s presidency when Mohammad was believed to have proposed to Zahra. By then, Zahra who seemed to have gotten used to her new status did not see herself marrying him and she told him plainly. Disappointed but not to the point of desperation, Mohammed moved on while Zahra went ahead to marry Indimi’s son, Ahmed, in a wedding that belied the austere status of the father.

Mohammad Yar’adua and Hauwa will have a formal wedding Fathia from June 27 through 30, 2018, in Maiduguri and Abuja respectively.

However, there are indications that Zarah wouldn’t be attending the ceremony. This is due to her state—she’s heavily pregnant and likely to have started marking time to be in the labour room.

“Many will think that it was because of what happened between Zarah and Mohammed. But Zarah needs to flee from undue media mention due to her pregnancy,” a source said.

Meanwhile, the couple just shared their pre-wedding photos on Instagram.

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