A God ordained Bible study meeting and a six months journey! Sharon & Yinka’s true love story

Today’s True love story series is all about Inter tribal and newly wed couple, Sharon and Yinka Fisher. The Yoruba groom and Benin bride recently exchanged the marital vows and they have shared their beautiful God-ordained love and proposal story with us.

Sharon and Yinka

They were Church members but they never saw each other until during a God ordained Bible study meeting and they got struck with cupid’s arrow.

There is a reason why two people stay together. They give each other something no one else can….

The story as narrated by the bride:

It all started one Tuesday evening service in Church which is the 2nd Tuesday in the month of January 2016 and that day was 5th of January, 2016.

I am not the Tuesday service goer but on that day, I was on a dry fasting asking God for direction on how to go about the new year and also I was praying for my life partner because my wish was to get married this year.

There’s no reason to look back when you have so much to look forward to……

And home can be anywhere.. as long as you’re with me!!

So on that fateful day, I went to church with my sister’s husband and I met Yinka sitting outside the Church because he has no key to open the Church and nobody was there, so my sister’s husband greeted him as if they knew each other for some time now, then i asked who is he and I was told that he was a dedicated member of the Church.

But that was the first time I set my eyes on  him.

I was surprised because I am a worker in the church and I had never seen him before then. Funny enough he had never seen me too.

He wasn’t exactly a  Tuesday Bible service goer too,  he was just led to attend the service that Tuesday and he was surprised to see me too cos he was also a regular member and hadn’t seen me before that day.

They Say Life is Much Better With Your Best Friend… So I Had To Marry Mine

When you have your Best friend and lover all in one amazing person

As fate will have it, I was well dressed  on that day and he was really in love with my dressing.
On the first Sunday in February, my Pastor called all the singles in church and we started having meetings, and a watsapp group was also created.

On February 13, 2016 which was a day to valentine, we the singles did our own valentine in church by having a dinner party and we got to know ourselves there. Two days after, Yinka called me and introduced himself and i responded well cos i knew him.

There is nothing like Our Joy right now.. You & Me.. there’s nothing like US together!!

In the evening he called again to ask how I am and that is how he started calling everyday. We met another Sunday in church and he said hi and sent me a sweet text where he indicated his interest by saying he will like us to go out but I didn’t reply because I wanted him to come to me and say it to my face.

It was later I knew that he is the shy type..later that week, he called again and greeted me and then he let the cat out of the bag without wasting much time, he told me to my face that he wants to marry me.

He didn’t want the boyfriend, girlfriend thingy and so i told him to go and meet my Pastor because that is the rule in my Church, TREM. He went to meet my Pastor and he was asked to go and pray and likewise me, and God answered in true many ways that he is indeed my husband. It took my Pastor a week and some days to call me and let me know what my husband
came to tell him and he asked what I have to say about it.

He wished us all the best and said “When it works out for both of you, joyfully come and tell me your wedding date but if otherwise, don’t worry yourself of coming back.”

Our relationship officially kicked off on the 24th of February 2016.

We had our ups and downs, we fight, disagree but God was faithful, our love waxed stronger and on the 24th of June, 2016, he officially asked me to be his wife.

We had our introduction on the 16th of July, traditional wedding on the 4th of September and white on the 10th of September.

It all started this year and we got married same year, everything just miraculously happened within six months.

We say congratulations to the beautiful couple!

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