Sickle Cell Mom reveals how she defiled all odds to become a mother, shares powerful story

Enwerem Uju a Facebook user and Sickle Cell patient has taken to the social media platform to share her story, revealing how she defied all odds to become a mom.

Read her story below;

My drive in raising awareness for sickle cell disorder is borne out of personal experience, it’s bin a very hard battle for me from having people not believing I can get dis far to not having people understand d pain i endure been dt d condition comes wit a lot of physical, emotional, psychological pains. As much as its difficult living wit sickle cell disorder, I try not let it define me or get in d way of my life, I try my best to enjoy my life and appreciate d love i get from my parents, siblings, uncles/aunties,cousins,family friends and few friends. Despite all d pains, traumas, hospital admissions, complications, surgeries and even insults from some

? im still here living my life. At some point everything seemed so impossible, I lost some good opportunities, job opportunities, lost some good relationship wit some good men too, received very annoying insults like “dis ones parents are wasting their money”, “dis one can neva bear a child, where D strength and blood wey she was use kwanu”

? all bcos of SCD, den came d complications and series of surgeries in India, loss of my job wit d bank Iowa’s working with after I came home, I still braced up, dusted dem all, and had a deep tot plus medical advise and I decided dt i want a child. It was a miracle wen I got pregnant cos my doctors were of d opinion dt I can’t considering dt my routine drugs causes infertility, everyone was a bit scared for me but GRACE showed up for me, I had d most stress FREE pregnancy till I gave birth to my daughter. I gave her d names chisimdiri Joanna (God kept keep alive, God’s mercy)

Ladies and gentlemen meet baby Simdi Joanna James-Enwerem, she’s just 4months old, she means everything to me, looking at her and knowing she’s mine is just everything, lights up my heart and brings me soon much happiness and smiles. I call her mummy’s friend #enyinneya. Being a sickle cell warrior neva stopped me from chasing my dreams as I’m a lawyer today and by d grace of God dis awareness campaign for SCD is aimed at birthing a sickle cell foundation someday. I shared dis story to inspire and encourage other SCD warriors and their parents not to give up, they can still achieve woteva it is they dream of. I’m living my life for God now, will also be turning 37 dis November and d good news is – I’m still here.. It has always been God’s grace and mercy and I owe my life to him.

Oya say hello to d newest mummy in town ?

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