Nigerian mum of five female lawyers marks 60th birthday after being in a coma for a year (photos)

Woman, who was in coma for a year, came back to life…Now 60 years with five female lawyers who she bore!

Her daughter Toruja shared the testimony thus:

Still about this woman who is a walking breathing testimony and proof that God exists.

Short story: When I was in Jss3 she and my dad were in an accident and she was declared dead by doctors but will the man of faith Tor Uja hear it??? NO!
Together with Dr Bitto (her elder brother) they insisted she was alive and kept her in hospital; everyday praying and waiting for her to wake up even though she had been in a coma for about a year; yes…a year!
This woman woke up!!!! She is 60 today and the oldest surviving woman in her family so we can’t stop, won’t stop praising God.

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