Rio Ferdinand wants Manchester United job, speaks to Ed Woodward

Rio Ferdinand has stated that he has spoken to Manchester United executive vice chairman Ed Woodward about taking up the role for sporting director at the club.

This is coming amidst reports saying talks of hiring someone for the role have been stalled with Ed Woodward remaining in charge of the transfers for now.

This hasn’t prevented Ferdinand from expressing desires for the role.

“I’ve always spoken to Ed since I left, anyway. I had that type of relationship with him.

“I’ve not seen him at a game, so all the chats I’ve had with him have been on the phone or I go and see him when I’m in London.

“I’m not the type to dilly-dally around. I’ve seen the stuff in the papers. ‘What’s that role about?’ I’ve asked that question – so yes, I have spoken to him.

“I’m very honest and Ed’s open and honest with me. Manchester United and the powers that be will decide as and when they are going to put someone into that role.

“If I am the person on that list and the person they are going to talk to, then that time will come.

“It’s nice to be on a list in such a responsible role at such a prestigious club. If the call comes I will say, ‘thank you very much for that’, but if that call doesn’t come, I’ll not lose sleep over it,” Ferdinand told BBC Sportsweek.

Rio Ferdinand
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