Juventus star shares insight on Cristiano Ronaldo’s diet

Former Teammate Claims Cristiano Ronaldo Eats The Same Meal Everyday

A former teammate from Cristiano Ronaldo’s Juventus days claims that the five-time Ballon d’Or player consumes the same meal every day in order to maintain his trim physique.

Unlike Manchester United, the Portuguese superstar is in fantastic shape and, at the age of 37, is still among the best athletes in the world.

He takes great care in what he eats and how he keeps his ridiculous physique.

Daouda Peeters, a young player for Juventus, provided some insightful information about how Ronaldo maintains his level of play, which involves eating a lot of chicken.

When asked about Cristiano Ronaldo and his diet, Peeters informed AS: “Always the same. Broccoli, chicken and rice. With litres of water, and no Coca-Cola, of course.

“Cristiano wants to win always and everywhere. I went to the gym for a while and, of course, Cristiano was also there.

“I was impressed. Cristiano has the perfect body for a footballer. And although I am also quite muscular, that day I thought; there’s still work to be done. But hey, he’s been doing it maniacally for so many years.”

The fact that the all-time leading scorer in men’s football is not a Coca-Cola fan won’t come as a surprise to anyone, including the soda company.

When he refused to be seated next to two bottles of the beverage during the Euros last summer, Ronaldo stirred up controversy.

Ronaldo pushed the drink to the side during a press conference even though it was one of the major sponsors of UEFA’s event.

Ronaldo eats up to six meals a day and avoids all carbonated drinks as well as alcohol.

“A good workout must be combined with a good diet,” the former Manchester United man said per Goal.

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