Henderson, Southgate kick as fans boo Maguire at Wembley Stadium

Harry Maguire booed

England international, Harry Maguire, has been booed by fans during The Three Lions’s 3-0 win against Ivory Coast at the Wembley Stadium on Tuesday.

The Three Lions had a wonderful night with goals from Ollie Watkins, Raheem Sterling and Tyrone Mings.

However, things weren’t so great for Maguire, the captain of Manchester United, as he got booed by home fans all through the friendly game.

Reacting to the booes, England manager, Gareth Southgate, stated that Maguire has got the support of the team no matter what.

He said, “I don’t get it at all.

“I must say the fans to my left, the core group, kept playing his song and kept trying to get behind him.

“But we’re either all in this together or not. He’s a massive part of this team and has been a key player for us.

“Where this environment is being created, I know it’s starting with club, but I know Manchester United fans at Old Trafford get behind their team.

“Why we think anyone would play better when getting a reception like that I don’t get.

“I think social media is like the Wild West at the moment, which doesn’t help. Idiots sat at home write one line, we don’t know anything about them or about their lives and we report it in the paper as a story.

“All of this is fuelling some of this vitriol which is out there.

“He’s a top player… we’re with him and he’s a player we’ll need playing well if we’re to have a chance in the World Cup because we won’t play a pair of centre-backs with a handful of caps between them and win a World Cup.

“We’ve got a great connection with our fans, we don’t need something like that because it’s not going to help the team play better.”

On his part, Jordan Henderson, expressed displeasure at the reaction of the fans to Maguire in his home stadium.

He tweeted, “I can’t get my head around what happened at Wembley tonight. Harry Maguire has been a colossus for England. Without him, the progress made at the last two tournaments would not have been possible. To be booed at his home stadium for no reason? What have we become? What happened tonight was just wrong.

“As someone who wants to win with England, I feel fortunate to share a dressing room with him, We all feel the same.”

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