Euro 2024: Idiotic, I’ve never seen this before -Southgate hits out at latest treatment of Harry Maguire


Gareth Southgate has again hit out at those criticising Manchester United defender, Harry Maguire

England boss, Gareth Southgate, has hit out critics of Harry Maguire, describing them as ‘idiotic’.

Maguire has suffered ill treatment since his inclusion in the England team.

Southgate said the criticism is the worst he has ever seen in his entire career.

Southgate kept his faith in the defender despite only making one substitute appearance for Manchester United so far this season.

Maguire, 30, started England’s Saturday’s 1-1 draw against Ukraine in the UEFA Euro 2024 qualifier and came on at half-time in Tuesday’s 3-1 victory over Scotland.

He was given a very rough time by Scotland fans at Hampden Park when he came on and was mocked mercilessly for netting an unfortunate own goal.

Southgate slammed the way the defender has been ridiculed and criticised by pundits, the media and even his own supporters.

A visibly livid Southgate told beIN Sports after the match: “He was exceptional for us at the weekend. 

“The reaction tonight is a consequence of idiots really from our side who have created that environment.

“So what I think was brilliant tonight was our fans who were here recognised that they’re going to protect their own. We should be doing that.

“We’re creating a problem for our own player. Some of the articles that were written, some of the comments that were made, were an absolute joke.

“He’s been a tower of strength for us through one of the most successful periods of English football and the response tonight – I understand Scottish fans, they’re having some fun – but it’s created by our own side, it’s ridiculous.

“From a Scotland fans’ point of view I get it and I’ve got absolutely no complaints with what they did,” he added at the post match press conference. 

“It’s a consequence of ridiculous treatment of him for a long period of time, frankly. I think our fans recognised, ‘Okay, there might be a bit of heat from our own supporters but we’re not going to have it from others getting into him’. But it’s a joke. I’ve never known a player treated the way he is. Not by the Scottish fans, by our own commentators, pundits, whatever it is.

“They’ve created something that’s beyond anything I’ve ever seen. He’s been an absolute stalwart for us in the second-most successful England team for decades. He’s been an absolutely key part of that.

“I’ve talked about the importance of our senior players, he’s been crucial amongst that. Every time he goes on the field the resilience he shows, the balls he shows, is absolutely incredible. So he’s a top player and we’re all with him. And our fans were brilliant with him tonight.”

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