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EPL: I wonder what you are – Simon Jordan slams Chelsea

Former club owner, Michael Jordan wonders what is wrong with Chelsea this season



Former Crystal Palace owner, Simon Jordan, has said he is still wondering what Chelsea are.

This is following the Blues’ slow start to the season.

The Blues’ last result was a goalless draw with Bournemouth at the weekend.

The weekend draw followed a defeat to Nottingham Forest at Stamford Bridge, which came as a surprise to many.

Jordan told talkSPORT he expected a reaction from Mauricio Pochettino’s side after that shocking defeat.

“When you come back after getting beat by [Nottingham] Forest at Stamford Bridge, you would expect a reaction.

“I watched the game, and you’re looking at Chelsea going, ‘I don’t know what you are’.

“OK, it’s early doors, and I do expect him [Mauricio Pochettino] to get it together, and he will get it together because he’s a decent coach.

“But right now, you look at Chelsea and go, ‘well what is it that you are? There’s nothing about you’.

“If you’re a Chelsea fan, you must be looking at that going, ‘well this is uninspiring, it’s not particularly engaging, they don’t move the ball with any pace, there’s no great shape to the side, they lack cutting edge’.”