Dele Alli reveals ‘best’ manager of his career

Everton midfielder, Dele Alli, has named new Chelsea boss, Mauricio Pochettino, as the best manager he has worked under in his career.

According to Alli, he found managers that worked with him after Pochettino to be ‘fake’.

Alli was talking to The Overlap in partnership with Sky Bet, opening up to Gary Neville on his battles with addicition, going to rehab, considering retirement at 24 and how he is looking to bounce back to get his career back on track.

One facet of the conversation surrounded his breakout under Pochettino, who thrived at Tottenham when he had a group of young players, such as Alli.

‘Mauricio Pochettino was the best manager and I couldn’t have asked for a better manager at the time,’ he said.

‘I was him and his team, you know, not just him. There was Jesus [Perez], Miguel [d’Agostino] and Tony [Jimenez]. They are amazing people and they’re so understanding, and it wasn’t like a footballer and a manager relationship. It was deeper than that, I felt.’

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