Anthony Joshua fires back as Tyson Fury claims Deontay Wilder would knock him out under two rounds

Anthony Joshua has reacted to claims by Tyson Fury who stated that Deontay Wilder would knock him out under two rounds. Read HERE.

Fury also revealed that he has had a discussion with Conor McGregor about having a stint with him, but the UFC fighter stated that he has never spoken to him in his life.

Anthony Joshua has now used McGregor’s words in response to Fury’s prediction of a likely match between him and Wilder.

Speaking about Fury’s prediction, Joshua told Sky Sports: “That’s the same man that bet on Charles Martin to beat me, Joseph Parker to beat me.

‘The first time I would’ve listened, but the second, third and fourth time you get it wrong, you start to realise that he’s a bit of a waffler.

“Tyson Fury’s just doing what Tyson Fury does.

“He even said that he spoke to McGregor on the phone and that was a lie as well.

“So what can we believe when it comes to Tyson Fury these days?” 

Anthony Joshua - Tyson Fury
Anthony Joshua – Tyson Fury
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