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2023 summer Transfer: Total sum of money spent so far by Premier League clubs revealed

The total sum of money spent so far in the 2023 summer transfer window by clubs in the Premier League has been revealed



Premier League EPL

The total sum of money spent by Premier League clubs so far, has been revealed.

Money wizards Deloitte, said that clubs in England have already spent a fraction under £2billion.

The transfer  window still has a week of business still to go.

Deloitte’s financial data showed that as of 12pm on Friday Premier League spending had reached £1.95bn.

The figure is already higher than the total, record figure calculated by Deloitte for summer of 2022 – £1.92bn.

The money wizard reports said that spending was £500m higher this summer compared to the same point in 2022.

The final total for this year could be around £2.5bn, according to the report. 

English top flight clubs’ net spend is calculated at £825m by Deloitte.

This figure is 25 percent lower than last summer (£1.1bn).