What FFK said in reaction to sowore’s continued detention

Femi Fani-Kayode has wondered why anyone is surprised that Omoyele Sowore is still in detention despite a court ordering his release.

He added that Sowore is living with the ”consequences of fighting to bring President Buhari to power and rejecting Jonathan during the 2015 elections.”

Read his post:

What amazes me is the utter gullibility of some of our people. Why would you be surprised that Yele Sowore is still in detention? Has Buhari ever obeyed court orders? They did it to those of us in the mainstream opposition over the last 4 years and you applauded them.

Now they are doing it to others and you are lamenting and expressing surprise and disappointment. You never thought it would affect you but now it has. Well this is just the beginning.

You must live with the new reality which is that we are living in a vicious dictatorship which will not spare anyone it feels threatened by.

I and a number of others warned that this would happen in 2015 if Buhari came to power and you laughed us to scorn and insulted us. You fought for Buhari, you rejected Jonathan and you put him in power.

Thankfully it appears that you are not laughing anymore but now you must live with the consequences of your actions. Now you must live with the monster and tyrant you assisted in putting on the throne and the mess you helped to create.

Even if Sowore is released later today or tomorrow they have made their point: that they can do anything they want, to anybody, for any reason and at anytime.

May God deliver us from these wicked souls and I urge every Nigerian to pray for Yele Sowore, Sambo Dasuki and others.

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