Some Nigerian Politician Who Deny COVID-19 Existence Take Vaccines Secretly —Adeyanju

Activist Deji Adeyanju has claimed that some Nigerian politicians who publicly deny the existence of the Novel virus, COVID-19 take vaccines privately.

Deji made this remark during an interview with Punch Online News.

Adeyanju made this remark following the public denial of Kogi state governor of the existence of the virus in Nigeria.

The activist who is the leader of Corncerned Nigerians said he regrets the state of health sector in Kogi state, that the governor is not doing enough.

The activist also faulted the governor’s position, saying that “he (Bello) is governing with lies”.

He said, “You cannot govern with propaganda. You can not continue to govern with lies. Bello’s lies have expired. We kept saying there are COVID-19 cases in the state, but he kept lying. Some politicians are going secretly to take vaccines and denying COVID-19 existence.

“If you see a typical state in Kogi or hospital, you will weep. The state of some of the hospitals are enough to demoralise and make a sick patient die.”

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