Igbos Are Lazy Thinkers, Acting Strangely – Prof. ABC Nwosu

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Prof. ABC Nwosu calls Igbos lazy thinker.

Former Minister of Health, Prof A.B.C. Nwosu, has described Igbos as lazy thinkers, who are acting strangely ahead of the 2019 general elections. This he did in an interview he had with daily sun.

According to him, Igbo were thinking that by merely supporting President Muhammadu Buhari in 2019, they will automatically become President in 2023.

Read his words below.

“The Igbo are acting very strangely on 2019.

“They are some lazy thinkers, who think that if you let the present order continue, and after four years, you just go and pick it because it is your turn.

“It won’t happen that way. If the Igbo are not aggressive about who becomes president in 2019, and aggressive that they are in the centre of power, and they are represented in the centre of power, how can power where they are not represented be handed over to them in 2023?

“What if the power where they are not represented hands it over to another person? Then you see the persons again drag out their knives and matchetes and go into the local markets and start shouting, Enyimba Enyi.

“This is the time to struggle to be part of the presidency. They will either be the vice president completely and be represented in all national structures of power.”

It is reported that the Igbos are using the agitation for Biafra to coerce the ruling party APC into fielding an Igbo candidate for the 2023 elections and to also make an Igbo man the vice presidential candidate in 2019 elections.

Meanwhile, Uchechi Kanu, wife of the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, has called on the Military to tell her where her husband Nnamdi Kanu is. In a recent interview with BBC Igbo, she said,

“The IPOB people are not sleeping. The army is going to tell them where their leader is. Keeping Nnamdi Kanu does not mean that IPOB is asleep,” Uchechi said.

“I don’t know where my husband is. If he is dead or alive, I don’t know. People that are supposed to answer these questions are the army.

“The last time I saw him was when the army came to shoot in our house. He called me and asked if I was hearing the gunshots. I heard the gunshots and started shouting and asked him what was wrong.

“He said they are shooting and he is inside the house. That was the last time we spoke.”

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