Peter Obi tells supporters what to do about other presidential candidates, tribes, religions

peter obi supporters tribes religions

Former governor of Anambra State and presidential flagbearer of the Labour Party, Peter Obi, has urged his supporters to respect other presidential candidates, tribes and religions.

According to Obi, this is necessary because he’s running to serve every Nigerian.

He tweeted, “I am a Nigerian running to serve every Nigerian. I urge a show of respect for every candidate, tribe, religion, and person.”

This comes amid claims that his supporters often insult, bully and attack anyone who doesn’t buy the idea of his presidential ambition.

Former presidential aide, Reno Omokri recently tweeted about the damage Obi’s supporters were doing to the Labour Party candidate.

He wrote, “I’ve never seen people who insult and threaten like some of Peter Obi’s online supporters. The damage they have done to him is unquantifiable. @PeterObi is an excellent candidate! He is full of love. But a few people have killed ANY chance of him winning PDP primary.”

Another former presidential aspirant, Bashir Ahmad, also revealed how he was mocked by Obi’s supporters.

He tweeted, “The PO supporters never fail to remind me about the results of my primaries, forgetting that the fear of getting 0 vote made their supreme leader, Peter Obi to run away from PDP to a tiny LP, which I am sure with my influence I would be begged to accept its presidential ticket.”

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