Ondo State First Lady fights extremely dirty with a critic

betty akeredolu

Betty Akeredolu, the First Lady of Ondo State, has clashed with a human rights activist, Jimi Adekanle, on social media.

This was after Adekanle accused her of disregarding social distancing guidelines due to her activities in Ondo State.

He wrote: “Dominic Cummings Adviser to PM Britain was sanctioned for travelling outside London. Here in my Ondo state, my people rolled out drums welcoming their Arabirin Betty Anyanwu-Akeredolu that travels hundreds of kilometres from Emeibiam in Imo state while the husband Arakunrin Akeredolu left for Abuja same day to lobby for his second term with our money stocked in the boot of his vehicles in his convoy.

“It has shown that Akeredolu can’t entrust the key of the state to anyone except her Vice Governor Madam Betty, where the Deputy Governor and secretary of state are nothing but chair warmers in Alagbaka and Babajide is the Senior chief of staff and their inlaw from Ogun state is the chief frontier of our commonwealth in our sunshine state.

“Instead of their Arabirin to be quarantined before being sanctioned for breaking the law of the land she chose to engage herself in an exercise where social distance was thrown into the trashcan and her gullible e-rats hailing and supporting her show of shame.

“Even Her Majesty the Queen of England that her powers are above the Law of England never flouted the Law.

“The law in Nigeria is for two different people, one for the masses and the other for the so-called leaders that are supposedly an example of the custodian of the law.

“I can bet you if Boris Johnson decides to leave London for Manchester because he wants to go lobby some people to stay in power, I’m sure he won’t be halfway when the House will converge to remove him like removing jigar.

“Police that are making the poor masses to frog jump for leaving Oke Aro to Oja Oba to look for food. Same Police will hail and praise Madam Betty convoy from Emeibiam to Akure.

“Our main problem is our Nigerian masses with all suffering they will still be smiling over stipends joining the Marchants of Venice in Alagbaka displaying the leprosy hands of 4 +4 that will lead them to another hunger and looting of our commonwealth by the Akeredolu’s and their inlaws”, he wrote.

Betty Akeredolu response with a post saying: “Barka da Sallah, ranting Canada-based Human Eresi (Rice) Activist
4+4 is a GOAL”.

She added: “Shut the hell up. You are still talking. Canada Iresivist. This has entered in Ondo social media lexicon. I even heard that you are a sex offender and you ran away to Canada. Shame on you! Come back. Police is waiting for you. And my office is after scumbags like you.

“You are in real trouble. Arabinrin has no mercy for rapists like you. Jail term awaits you. FAKE HUMAN IRESIVIST. Ehnn, That rice ( or political appointment) from Ondo state you are eyeing, you no go smell it not to talk of eating it. Who born monkey?

“Trouble dey sleep, iyanga go wakem. Wetin you dey find, na palaver you dey find! You go know say Obinrin dey wey pass Okunrin. You don enter one chance, mortuary attendant. NTOOR! By the time I’m done with you, you are nothing but a piece of cracker SHIT. Pele!

“You had a field day all this while peddling unimaginable falsehood laced with bad English and your fellow e-rats were cheering you on. Where did you study? Did you go to university? I mean first generation Universities where English 101 is taught to groom their products to speak and write proper English grammar? Now its my turn. E don happen. You damn MORTUARY ATTENDANT PLUS INCLUDING RAPIST (like Zebrudaya would say)! OYA. O TI SELE!!! Nobody has a monopoly of viciousness. I can too if I choose to.”

Adekanle responded: “Yes is more dignifying washing corpse than dinning with criminals looting my state wealth.”

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