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Oby Ezekwesili slams Buhari over herdsmen killings, says he is bias



Former minister of education, Oby Ezekwesili, who few days ago went on a solo protest concerning the Plateau massacre carried out by Fulani herdsmen, has berated President Buhari over the recent spate of killings in the country. According to her, the president has only been on a blame game without actually doing anything to end the killings.

“Mr. President, your bias in handling the killings and abductions of a certain segment of Nigerians is all too obvious and unbecoming of a leader of a diverse nation like Nigeria. All Nigerian lives matter!

“Stop the blame game and your confusing statements on the killings of your citizens. Today, Maumer Qaddafi’s Libya destabilization. Tomorrow, your political opponents. Next week, the affected-communities of state who are already victims of the criminal negligence and failure to protect by your administration.

“Commission an urgent independent research and study into the root causes for an evidence-based comprehensive approach to build back the broken down community peace and security in affected states.

Oby Ezekwesili slams Buhari over herdsmen killings, says he is bias

“Lead a national discussion to agree a market-based policy on cattle ranching and grass/forage supplies as a fundamental solution to the herdsmen-farmers crisis.

“Immediately convene a meeting of all communities affected by terrorist-herdsmen and use your presidential soft power to mobilize Nigerians for sustainable peace. This would include discussions on how to govern land, water, and pasture in a market-based manner where no group feels entitled to the others’ assets. Support communities to institute local conflict resolution systems, mechanisms, and platforms.

“Provide progress report on national food security council that Mr President inaugurated and chairs to tackle the herdsmen-farmer crisis: Provide the Nigerian Public with the progress report of the National Food Security Council which you inaugurated on Monday, March 26, 2018 under your Chairmanship.

“At the time of inauguration, you announced the broad objectives of the Council as being, “to developing sustainable solutions to the farmers–herdsmen clashes; Climate Change and Desertification and their impact on farmland; grazing areas and lakes, rivers and other water bodies; oil spillage and its impact on Niger Delta Fishing Communities; piracy and banditry; agricultural research institutions and extension services and the problem of smuggling.”

“Enough of what could be interpreted as implicit complicity of your administration in the frequent killings of your citizens Mr President!!!,” Oby Ezekwesili said.

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