Nigeria losing war against insurgency due to international politics – Ahmad Lawal

ahmad lawal

Senate President Ahmad Lawal has blamed international politics as the reason why Nigeria has not be able to defeat insecurity in the country.

Lawal stated that the international politics has been frustrating Nigeria’s effort to purchase sophisticated weapons to help in its fight against insecurity.

He also revealed that while Nigeria waits for months before the receiving weapons from abroad, other countries get theirs within a month of applying.

Lawal stated this ahead of the first anniversary of the Ninth Senate on Thursday.

He said, “To some extent, we are suffering from international politics. I know that in our efforts to try to buy spare parts for jets, they may write to a certain foreign government and it will take six to nine months while another country will write to the same government and maybe get it in one or two months.

“So, something is not right, but that’s to say that it’s now one of our challenges that we will continue to engage with countries that we feel don’t understand what we are doing here.”

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