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Biafra agitation is about Igbo producing Nigeria’s next president, says Umahi



Umahi ebonyi biafra igbo president

Presidential hopeful and Governor David Umahi of Ebonyi State, David Umahi, has said the agitation for Biafra in the South-East is just all about the region producing Nigeria’s next president.

The Governor who recently said Ebonyi will never be part of Biafra also stated that nobody should be afraid of an Igbo man becoming the president of Nigeria.

Umahi stated this when he addressed delegates of the All Progressives Congress from the South-East in Owerri on Tuesday.

“Let me tell Nigerians that there is nothing to be afraid of in an Igbo man becoming president. We need to be wise and stand together,” he said.

“We have property and investments everywhere. So, when people tell you about Biafra, it is not about seceding at all.”

“We want one Nigeria built on the platform of equity, fairness and justice. The Igbo man will do better under a united Nigeria. We want to be fairly treated,” Umahi declared.

The presidential hopeful added that the 2023 general elections would be a time for Nigerians to prove the ‘no victory, no vanquish’ declaration that was made after the civil war.

He urged fellow southerners to give the South-East a chance to produce the country’s next president come 2023.

The Governor said, “My position is that our brothers from the South-South and South-West should give us a chance on the same platform upon which we demand that the presidency should come to the South-East,” said the Ebonyi governor. “The moment they do that in the spirit of oneness, you will see everything falling in place and it will be swift. But if the presidency is rotated between regions.”