APC membership revalidation will help the party ‘clean up’ dead people’s appointment – Fashola

On Friday, the Minister of Works and Housing reveals that the All Progressive Congress (APC) ‘s present revalidation and registration would ‘clean up’ dead and ghost workers’ appointment in the current administration.

The former Lagos state governor who did the revalidation/registration of his membership at Surulere insist that the exercise is an attempt to sweep the party clean.

He described the party as a progressive front that drives and improves human conditions at all leadership levels.

“Nothing can trump the progressive ideals, progressivism is about improving the human condition, and that is why we are APC and so anybody concerned about improving the human condition, developing his environment, his community, this is the party that I recommend to them,” NAN quoted Fashola as saying.

Fashola opines that the current revalidation and registration of the APC is to help the party identify its faithful and loyal members.

“We are a large political family, and it is always important to know how many we are and also to increase the number that we are. So this registration exercise first brings about all family members in all wards and polling stations of the country together.

”And this is going on in 120,000 polling stations across Nigeria, so it’s coming back together. Still, more importantly, it is also a period for evangelism, expansion of the party database, party membership, and updating.

“You will see in the past, we have had some unfortunate incidents where perhaps some people were appointed only for us to find out that they are deceased. So this is also an opportunity to clean up.

“Because there are opportunities also as a member of a party that forms a government, all the appointments, and so many things.

“And we need to know who is where; we also need to know what party members do. So, if I am a party member and want to host an event, I can look in my party’s database and see who does event planning, who does catering, and we share prosperity,” Fashola said.

Fashola expressed gratitude to the President, Muhammadu Buhari, and other party leaders who had been exemplary in the exercise.

He further urged the party leaders at all levels to work towards ensuring the growth of the party and creating an opportunity for intending new members.

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