You will regret it if you employ Masters Degree holder for the role of SSCE holder – Akin Alabi tells employers

akin alabi

Akin Alabi, a member of the house of representatives, has advised employers against recruiting a Masters Degree holder for the role of an SSCE holder.

In a series of tweets, Akin Alabi stated that such a decision will be regretted later on by the employer and employee..

JHe also criticized such employment which he described as exploitation.

He wrote: “If you have a vacancy for a secondary school certificate holder and a masters degree holder shows up, do not hire him or her. Hire the secondary school certificate holder. If you hire the masters degree holder, you will both regret it at the end of the day.

Firstly, I think you are just being a bad person taking advantage of people by filling your low paying vacancy with a masters degree holder. Except you increase the pay, you are just a terrible person for trying to pay minimum wage to a masters degree holder.

Secondly, the masters degree holder will only have temporary joy. When he settles into the low paying and low ranking job, dissatisfaction sets in. He would have superiors that are Bsc Holders.

He will have school certificate holders as work mates. Maybe some of them as superiors because they got there before him. He will begin to lament. He will say he is better than those earning more than he is. He will begin to spread the dissatisfaction round your organization.

It begins to spread like cancer. If it gets on social media, woke people will have your time. How can your have a masters degree holder in such a position? Why don’t you promote him? Why don’t you increase his pay?

They will begin to organize your business and life for you. If you have a new role, you will almost be forced to elevate that person even if he is not qualified. Imagine having a masters degree holder for a low position for years. You now have a vacancy for a masters degree holder, you know you will be automatically tied to elevating him, even if he is incompetent.

So if you want school cert, hire school cert. Don’t feel smart hiring beyond the pay or level you are offering. You will regret it”.

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