You are my Mordecai | Juliana Olayode aka Toyo baby pours encomium on her Pastor, Timi Adigun

Fast rising Nollywood actress Juliana Olayode aka Toyo baby took to Instagram to shower praises on her Pastor,  Timi Adigun aka Doctor Love! 

 Today is his birthday and she has revealed how he made her know Jesus and all.. 

Read the beautiful piece below..


This is for you @timiadigun I know it’s a lot ?
am eternally grateful to God for bringing you into my life. You are the
most versatile person I know. You are so many things to me. When I need
a friend you are always available and you relate with me on that
basis, when I need support you are always there, you give me all your
support, you are not just a fan but my greatest cheer leader.. You have
seen me fail countless times and you help me back up over and again, you
have seen me cry so much that my dress gets drenched and I’m literally
shaking at those times you’ll never fail to be strong for me. You make
me Believe, to you everything I desire is possible and when I come to
you with my biggest ambitions confused on how to go about it. You’ll
never say I can’t achieve them you’ll never say they are too big,
rather you’ll ask if it’s the best I can think of that my God can give
me so much more. When things get really overwhelming and I just want
to give it all up you will give me a thousand reasons why I shouldn’t,
you’ll tell me to hide in God and stay strong. I draw strength from
you, over the years you have watched me grow, I built my self esteem on
your words, you always compliment me. I have so much confidence knowing
that you always have my back, you lay your hands on my head to bless
me everyday except when I’m at work, you check my flaws. You chastise
me in love, many times I’m not quick to learn but unlike some teachers
you never give up on me until I learn all that God teaches me through
you. You are my secret reservoir, you are my best friend, you KNOW me.
You are my Mordecai and God has used you greatly for me. Thank you for
helping me know Jesus, it is the best thing you have done for me.. I do
not ever want to leave your side many times I have told you and God
that I want my house close to yours in heaven ? so that even in
eternity I’ll be close to you.
People call you doctor love, it’s not just a title that is who you are indeed.
Birthday to my pastor, my mentor, my Dee, my friend, my intercessor, my
counselor, my teacher and my Modercia..God bless and keep you for us. I
love you over and again, I love you forever…


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