“You are as Selfish as your husband” An open letter to Patrick Sawyer’s wife, Decontee

Found this open letter written by Deeva Peace Williams of Peace Ben Williams Blog and decided to share it  here, enjoy!
Dear Decontee Sawyer,

I am moved to write you this letter based on your recent open letter defending why your husband decided to infest Nigeria with the fatal Ebola virus.

I had refrained from penning my thoughts on how irresponsible your
husband’s behaviour was, mainly because he was a human being who had a
right to life like myself and also because he had left loved ones like
you and his children behind who miss him everyday.

However, your recent letter has convinced me that you deserve no pity
whatsoever and has prompted me to enlighten you on what you seem to
have so deliberately ignored.

You and your husband are full-fledged citizens of the United States
of America. Everybody knows that the medical system in the United States
is far more advanced than that of Nigeria. So if your husband’s sole
intention was to seek medical help, why did he not contact the health
authorities in the America?

Nigeria does not have the best health care system in Africa and that
is a fact. If you and your husband were reading the news, you’d have
known that a lot of  Nigerians travel to South Africa, India and the UK
for medical attention. I’m stressing this fact for non-Nigerians who may
not understand how the system in my country works. No Nigerian would
take your callous excuse with a pinch of salt!

You had the nerve to apologise to your friends, Catherine and Josh
for “contacting them so early.” But you didn’t deem it fit to pay your
condolences to the family of the two nurses who died from caring for
your sick husband? What about the ECOWAS staff who died because he had
primary contact with your husband while helping him in Lagos? Did they
also not “have a passion for life”? Do you think these people wanted to
take a chance with their lives when they knew their loved ones also
depended on them?

I heard unconfirmed reports that Patrick Sawyer‘s
late sister was engaged to be married to a Nigerian who fled Liberia
when he heard that she was infected with the Ebola virus, leaving
Patrick with no choice than to care for his sister. This was why Patrick
came to Nigeria on a vendetta mission to pass the virus. I also heard
he urinated on the nurses who cared for him; yelling in anger when he
was told that he had EVD.

I dismissed these stories as unfounded rumours, until Nurse Justina Obi Ejelonu gave an eye witness account
of how irrationally your husband behaved while on admission in a Lagos
hospital-yanking off his IV infusion and squirting blood on the nurses
and janitors. Justina was a young, intelligent and ambitious lady who
was full of life. Your husband cut short her dreams and the dreams of
many others by one careless act of boarding a plane to Nigeria.

What’s going on now in Nigeria? I’ll tell you! A nursing mother and her breast-feeding baby were infected with EVD when
they visited the hospital your husband died in. Scores of Nigerians are
being quarantined in Ebola isolation centres; their work, businesses
and daily hustles paralyzed. People are panicking all over the country. At least two people have died from drinking concentrated salty water because they were pranked
into believing that salt and water were a cure for Ebola. The Nigerian
government has given out 1.9 billion naira (about $11.8million) to fight
the spread of Ebola in the country. This was not in the initial
national budget. The resumption date of schools in the country may be postponed indefinitely
until the virus can be contained. This means that students preparing
for external exams such as WAEC and SSCE may be adversely affected; the
whole school calendar will be affected. I’m surprised you didn’t
acknowledge the impact your husband’s deadly visit is having on the most
populous nation in Africa.

Instead, you dismissed the efforts of the medical team who risked their lives to handle your husband as “ironic.”

CCTV footage showed your husband avoiding contact with people at
Monrovia airport, some reports even say he was rolling on the floor in
pains at some point. Sebastian Muah, who until recently was the Liberian Deputy Minister of Finance for Fiscal Affairs, said in an email to PREMIUM TIMES
that the late Mr. Sawyer deceived the Liberian government into
believing that he was “Ebola Free’’. He LIED to the Liberian government
that he had no contact with his younger sister who died of the
disease on July 8 and that he had voluntarily subjected himself for
testing which showed he was free of Ebola. 

Nigeria was free of Ebola until July 20 when Mr. Sawyer
arrived. He became terribly ill on his flight and was rushed to the
First Consultant Hospital Obalende, Lagos, where he died on July 24.
Since then, a nation of over 160 million people are being faced with a
fast-killing disease they have no idea about how to handle. We had no
prior knowledge of how to combat this disease, so why would your husband
choose Nigeria of all places for “help”? If we were so ‘competent’ why
are we begging foreign countries to send us experimental drugs?

Decontee Sawyer, you owe the government of Nigeria and its people an apology. You also owe your Liberian president, Mrs. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf
an apology because she has not failed her country like you claim. Your
letter has portrayed you as a callous and selfish woman just like your
husband.  I leave you to your conscience.

I may not join other Nigerians to say “may Patrick Sawyer rot in
hell,” because I believe I may not have the right to say that. But the
name of Patrick Sawyer will always resound as a man who brought death to
the most populous nation in Africa. A man who gifted Nigeria with no
beneficial service, but a ZOMBIE VIRUS. I will always remember Patrick
Sawyer as a medical terrorist.

Yours Truly,

Peace Ben Williams 


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