Yoruba ladies sha: They always stand out!!!

I found an amazing discussion going on twitter about how to tell a yoruba woman from any other woman. Some of the answers people threw in got me giggling and I decided to share them with you guys.

I would want to highlight that, of all the Nigerian cultures, yorubas are the most respectful…plus they greet alot. They have greetings for every season, time, action, and whatever! *winks*

 You know she is a yoruba lady when:
#1.she gives u her mobile digits as “sero hate sero sis, hellefun, sisti tiry, haty fife, sefun”” (lol)

#2. she says things like himagine, hegg roll and d classic ‘my number his ho hate ho……’ (hehehe# h-factor)
#3. Her gele is the loudest in a party (lol)
#4. check here for more 
Umgbo, have your say! Are these people right?! 


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