Yahoo boys are destroying Nigeria’s reputation – Man cries out

An online business man has cried out after he lost a huge deal due to the damage Yahoo boys have done to Nigeria’s reputation globally. According to him, the foreign clients he was dealing with called off their deal explaining to him that Nigerians are not trustworthy for busness.

He shared on Twitter:

”Yahoo boys are really destroying the reputation of we Nigerians that are doing legit jobs online. Imagine closing a deal for a company on content creation only to be discovered you’re Nigerian & the deal is called off ! These idiots are ruining our businesses  Haha.

Loosing a $425,000/3 months deal because of my nationality and some bad eggs amongst us.

Wow, my mention is really going crazy. I didn’t expect this to blow up the way it did numbers. Too bad we have a lot of folks who have experienced terrible things because of our nationality. Here’s a little info about me, for those asking.

We had reached a conclusion all via mail and they were impressed that at a young age of 20 I have a lotta of achievements to my belt. Now we had finalized everything & all that was left was a Skype call to seal the deal. We started the call & there was network issues.

I jokingly said damn, all these Nigerian network wahala and asked that we reschedule the call. Now here’s what was stunning, I got a call saying they can’t continue it because Nigerians have a bad record globally.

Tried convincing them to no avail, so that was what caused my Outburst on here and led to this tweet. I’m a young man with goals, focus and determination that I will succeed without doing anything illegal. I believe your sweater and integrity with skill sets will take you farther than frauds will.”

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