Wow! UNIABUJA Student Gives Birth By Herself In Female Hostel

A 200level student of banking and finance gave birth to a bouncing baby boy all by herself without the help of her roommates or friends on January 25, 2016, at the main campus (university of Abuja). She delivered of herself a bouncing baby boy within the early hours of 3am to 4am.

According to a source, she was asleep when she heard some noise. She got to discover that some one has just delivered herself of her baby without any complications or pain. Although she gave birth on her own without even her roommates knowing until the baby was out, she was unable to cut the placenta connecting the child to his mother.

The hostel porter was called, who after seeing the incident and couldn’t do anything about the placenta, later called the university school clinic nurse, who came with some medical equipment and later cut the placenta and then took the child to an ambulance waiting outside the hostel.

The mother actually walked on her own without any help to the ambulance and then back to the hostel to get a flask of hot water after the school clinicians have seen to her and her baby. She was later discharged from the hospital that same day around 9am.

KEMI AKEREDOLU (banking and finance 200level):
The mother of the new born baby is a good friend of mine. She delivered herself of a bouncing baby boy. After this event, I think she is a very strong lady because, this is her first time and for her to give birth on her own and still have the strength to walk on her own to the ambulance and still have the strength to walk back to the hostel and then to her house, is marvelous and miraculous. She is blessed and happy born day to her child (a blessed child)


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