Wow! Gospel singer, Sonnie Badu’s Valentine message to his wifey is beautiful!

 Gospel singer Sonnie Badu who is far away in Australia has just shared this beautiful message to honor his wife.

You never demand for the Labels…Not red bottoms , Not a 4k Chanel bag or Valentino or Giuseppe or Balmain but that’s what makes me decorate you with them. You are always content with what you have and are given. You’ve seen all my mistakes, flaws and Imperfections, nevertheless you have been willing to smoothen all rough edges. young men, look for such women who won’t dig into your pocket but sustain it , and young ladies look for a man who won’t wait for you to ask , a man who will build his future with you in mind.. Love is a beautiful thing when it’s with the right person. it won’t be a straight and smooth shot but eventually you will get there.. Happy Valentine from THE BADUS…. P. S …Thanks for giving me The new bundle of joy last year who is a female version of me except she has your complexion …P.S Good luck on the next one!???❤️❤️❤️ sorry I am not around but enjoy all you surprises??..


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