Women For Good Luck Gather Go Show Support For GEJ

The supporters walking through the Ojuelegba axis in Surulere
Women from various states of Nigeria including Ondo, Oyo, and Ogun
 gathered on Friday 23rd January 2015, at the National Stadium in
Surulere, Lagos, to show support for President Goodluck Jonathan and
endorse him for the next four years.

The women, consisting of
different age groups from various walks of life, assembled to cheer on
President Jonathan whom they say has performed fantastically well in the
last six years.

The event started with a walk from Jibowu,
down to various parts of Surulere, and ended at the stadium, which was
jam-packed with women and other Goodluck supporters.

A novelty
match was  played between women from various states, after which various
representatives of the women groups gave good testimonies about the
work of President Jonathan and why they support him to run for another
four years.

One women who spoke on behalf of her group said
women feel safe being governed by President Goodluck Jonathan and are
sure that he will bring peace and progress to Nigeria, despite the Boko
Haram insurgency. The woman said given more time, the President will put
an end to he Boko haram menace.

Another woman leader, said
she sees the President as a ‘champion for Women’, as he is the first
President bold enough to appoint over 30% women to strategic positions
in his cabinet.

The women also added among other good
testimonies that President Jonathan is always quick to respond to the
plight of women, and for this and more, he has their full support.

women were no doubt very proud of President Goodluck and what he has
achieved so far and believe that he will do more given the chance.

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