Woman Who Wanted Just One More Baby Delivers A Set Of Identical Triplets (Photos)

Mary, 34, already had four children, and decided she wanted “one last baby”. As God will have it the mum gave birth to her three new additions by Caesarean section two weeks ago.
According to her…

“I just wanted one more baby but didn’t bank on three,” said Mary. “The delivery was the most amazing moment of my life. The operating theatre was crammed with doctors. 

“I guess they don’t often get the chance to witness the arrival of three identical babies. 

“As they lifted each baby out of my womb I felt lighter each time. They all started crying immediately and I knew they had arrived safely. 

“The pregnancy had not been easy. I am only 5ft 1in and carrying triplets was not easy. But I was monitored every step of the way.”

The other children are Peter, 16, Emily, 15, Katrina, 13, and James, six and they are reported to be delighted with their wee brothers.

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