Wife Of Boko Haram Commander Makes Shocking Revelation About Chibok Girls

The hope of recovering the abducted Chibok girls yesterday dimmed
further with the declaration by a returnee from Boko Haram camp.

old Tabitha Adamu, one of the women freed from the sect’s camp and
handed over to the Borno State Government last week, said the girls had
turned to Boko Haram fighters.

Tabitha, who is expectant for one
of the sect’s commanders who forcibly married her, said she mingled with
the girls at various times in the sect’s camp.

According to Tabitha, she was taken from Bayan Dutse in Gwoza Local Government Area, when the insurgents invaded her village.

said: “They killed my father and brother. They took me along with my
mother but at some point we were separated. Since then, I’ve not set my
eyes on my mother. When he (Abu Kabir, my Boko Haram husband), wanted to
marry me, he gave the women who were taking care of us N5,000 as my
bride price.

“Before the marriage, I was asked to convert to
Islam. I did so because many who refused were killed and they gave me a
name (Samira). I answered the name but I know my true name is my real
name. When we were rescued I told the soldiers that my name is Tabitha.

“They asked me if I am one of the wives of the Boko Haram and I told them my story. They felt for me and they treated me well.

people asked me since we were liberated, particularly about the
pregnancy. I don’t know the right answer to give because I actually do
not know what to do. It has happened. I don’t know what the authorities
would do about it but I think it is too late to abort it. But my prayer
is that I give birth safely.”

Tabitha said she completed her
secondary education and earned a certificate in computer appreciation in
Maiduguri before moving to join her parents in Gwoza, at the peak of
the Boko Haram insurgency.

According to her, now that the
government has promised to help her, she would be looking for a good
future when she finally gains her freedom after the government might
have trained her in a trade.

culled from Nation Newspaper


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