Why Robotics is important in Agriculture – Iyanuoluwa Filani

Agriculture unlike what we used to know is rapidly becoming a high-tech industry. The use of crude and conventional technologies for carrying out agricultural operations is gradually fading out in developed nations of the world.

It has been estimated by the UN that the world population is expected to rise from the over 7.3 billion today to 9.8 billion in 2050. This implies the world will need a lot more food then and the demand for advanced agricultural systems will be more important than ever.

This has led to the development of robotics and automation technology (Agricultural Robots) for improving and advancing agriculture. Agricultural robots will also help in achieving the SDGs aim of ensuring all people have access to sufficient and nutritious food all year round by 2030.

Agricultural robots are essential for automation of slow and repetitive tasks for farmers, making it possible to improve production yields and maximizing farmers’ profit. They can also help bridge the gap between limited farmland and food production, while also helping to minimize harvest and post-harvest loss.

Application of Agricultural robots includes;

  • Weeding
  • Harvesting and picking
  • Mowing and thinning
  • Pruning and spraying
  • Sorting and grading
  • Palletizing and packing

Benefits of Agricultural robots cannot be overemphasized, some of which includes; improved efficiency and quality, increased yields and reduced wastage, increased consistency, and flexibility. Some disadvantages include; Job loss, increased investment costs, inability to deal with emergencies in some cases.

What do you think about Agricultural robots?

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