Why I Left Her And Have No Intention Of Going Back

Why I Left Her And Have No Intention Of Going Back


A guy has taken to a popular forum to narrate his ordeal in the hands of a girl who almost turned him to her meal ticket even though they just started dating. He spoke of how the only talk that comes out of her mouth is MONEY and why he had to leave her. Read his story below.

”So I stopped replying her messages on WhatsApp because she was too over demanding.

I once met this Girl in the room of my guy when she came to charge her only God knows what, then I fell partially in love with her. I collected her number and I started courting her on WhatsApp which she consented. 

In the space of 1weeks, she demanded for airtime which I innocently sent her an amount of N1500. I believed we where flowing not until she asked again in a space of 5days, not that I hadn’t the cash to send but I was just trying to use my common sense by telling her I will send but not immediately.

It was during this time I had a rethought about this and stop replying her messages on WhatsApp. We didn’t communicate for about 2 months not until yesterday, she called me and said that she was angry with me for not contacting her for a long time. She said I should come to her hostel to see her.

I decided going to the hostel because I had in mind that after I see her, I will go to my guy’s lodge around that area.

Before i reached her hostel, i branched to a bank around my area but the crowd was enormous, I had to see her like that because I can’t wait.
When I reached her hostel, i entered, she was on bum-short. She was like, where is my Valentine gift, I told her when I would be going home, we will branch to the bank, that I had no cash right there with me.
Her mood suddenly became gloomy but she didn’t wanted making it oblivious.
She asked if I would eat, I said no, she started using indirect means to make sure i lavish on her. Our conversion was like

She: My phone is really bad
Me: oh, really?
She: yea.. It’s a techno phone
Me: oh, nice phone.
She: but I can’t use it because it’s bad, I need a new phone
Me: No response*
She: you can get it for me as a Val gift.
Me: lol.. Yeah sure.
She: please let go to the bank now, Diamond bank is very close
Me: The line is to much, I can’t stand under the sun
She: You will wait here, I will go for you
Me: C’mon I can’t give you my Atm
She: OK, you have Mobile App right? Please transfer some money for me so I will buy the phone
Me: I don’t have a Mobile App
She: OK.. What about your sim? I can transfer with your sim, hope you registered your acct with this sim?
Me: no, I didn’t

I waiting for like 5min, and all she was talking was Money Money Money. I felt some uncomfortable And I told her to be ready That on Saturday, I will send her the money and even take her out. I Collected her account details and boom, off I go. 
I think, today would be the very last day I would chat or even communicate her again”.

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