Why Doris Simeon is yet to get her son from Daniel Ademinokan

All he wants is for his son, “his pride and joy” to have the best parental care and he believes Doris Simeon will not be able to give him that. 
 When they separated 13months ago, the bone of contention was CARE.
Daniel had always been the one taking care of their son David, while Doris rarely stayed home due to the nature of her job, actresses are always busy! 
Daddy and son fun moment
Daniel understood, after all he was one of the peeps that encouraged Doris’ acting skills, sometimes he goes on set with her….things however started to drift apart when Doris began taking him for granted and practically turned him into the woman of the house.
Doris even admitted this in a not-so-recent interview HERE, saying

“Above all things, God gave me a husband who is also into the same
line of business with me and so he understands the nitty gritty and the
demands of the profession. He is also a very good helping hand because
sometimes when I have to go on locations I leave my son with him….Responsible fathers now know they can also be helpful in matters concerning house chores and all. I thank God for my husband.”

Daniel recently took David to the white house
The last straw that hit the camel’s back was when David fell ill and was admitted in the hospital while he was still in Nigeria but Doris did not show up, though she kept calling every now and then.
Daddy and son moment
David recovered and he relocated to Abuja with his dad, yet Doris was not bothered, her career was and is still soaring high and then Daniel finally relocated abroad.
If David were to be with Doris, he wouldn’t have the parental care he needs, cos Doris will always be busy….and “since he (Daniel) has the time, he’l be in charge of the boy.” 
So that’s why Daniel is presently studying and living with his dad in United States of America!
When asked “at what age would you allow your child get his/her own Facebook & Twitter accounts” Daniel said “I will not be exposing David to the crazy world of social media till he is 15 years old!

In the meantime, enjoy this old interview of Daniel and Doris, when the going was sweet, lol….HERE

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