Why billionaires will soon start selling their oil companies – Ben Murray Bruce

Ben bruce

Senator Ben Murray Bruce has revealed the reason why billionaires will soon start selling their oil companies.

In a series of tweets, the senator stated that the shift from cars using petroleum products to electric cars will play a huge role in forcing many billionaires to abandon oil company businesses.

His words come just a day after billionaire Femi Otedola announced his exit from Forte Oil company to set up Geregu Power PLC.

Ben Murray Bruce, a strong advocate for electric cars in Nigeria tweeted:

“You will start noticing more and more billionaires and multi billion dollar companies selling their petroleum based businesses and investing in power plants instead. You may be puzzled as to why they are doing this? It’s because they see the future. Electric cars are the future!”

He also buttressed his point by showing how oil prices failed to skyrocket even in the face of circumstances that usually trigger it.

“Normally, the alleged Iranian attacks on oil tankers in the strait of Hormuz and the shooting of a US drone would have skyrocketed oil prices, but the price only went up by a bit. It is because of the growing shift from petrol cars to electric cars.Oil is living out its last days”, he added.

Ben bruce
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