Who is loving the brewing LOVE story between Linda Ikeji and er…Mr Aye Dee :)

After being shut out for about 24 hours by Google, celebrity blogger Linda Ikeji is now back online.
Recall that the tech giant, Google closed the blog on Wednesday over claims of copyright infringement
and plagiarism filed by one My Aye Dee.
Following the controversy the ‘shut down’ generated, Google has supposedly
reviewed her case and found her plagiarism or breach of terms not worthy of a
blog deletion.
“They found out the claims were bogus& deliberate sabotage. Happy to get
my blog back. Thanks to all the guys at Google who worked tirelessly.. I hear
it’s a record. Normally it takes weeks or months to restore a deleted blog.”  Linda excitedly announced on twitter a few hours ago.

Revealing the ‘true’ story on her newly restored blog, Linda Ikeji claimed
that it’s a love gone sour affair that led to the whole saga.
She shared screen grabs of a chat she had with someone named Aye Dee – who
allegedly brought down the blog.
In her story, she reveals he is her close confidante whom she had begun to
neglect and out of a personal grudge – for not responding to his emails and
messages – he decided to teach her a lesson by taking down the blog.

Below is a summary of her EPIC love story with Mr Aye Dee:

“In 2009 or
2010,  a guy named Alex who used to run
1976AD blog contacted me. He said he was impressed with my work and wanted to
encourage me to never relent. Alex Info 1976AD (how I knew him back then) and I
became very good friends online. In fact he was my confidant. Every time I had
questions or challenges, I would reach out to him.

By 2011, Alex
1976AD and I became quite close…online. We even exchanged numbers and spoke a
few times. He always reminded me how proud of me he was. He told me I would one
day become a phenomenon. I wasn’t number one at the time but he told me that I
would one day be the biggest news site in Nigeria…that he believed in me that
much. He was my friend, my supporter; he sent me news to post on my blog. He
wanted me to succeed. He told me things to do to get more readers. He knew a
lot about the internet and how it works so I always went to him for advice. He
was my anchor.

In 2011, Alex
1976AD made me his blog’s Person of the Year 2011. I shared that post excitedly
on my blog. He said I was the most deserving Nigerian for the award that
year…and he wrote the most beautiful article about me. He was so proud of
me…and never hesitated to tell me. I was grateful. I was happy to have him as a
friend…even though we’d never met.

Then we
stopped talking. I sincerely can’t remember when exactly. I know that Alex
1976AD tried to reach out to me mid last year…but I can’t remember if I
responded. If I didn’t, it was an oversight. I’m really bad at replying mails
because I get so many and I’m always busy blogging…but anyway.

On Wednesday
around 2.07pm…my long lost friend Alex Info 1976AD contacted me via gmail chat.
I was so happy when I saw his name pop up. I was like yay…Alex 1976AD! He would
know what I should do in this situation. I thought he was reaching to me after
all this while because he’d seen all the craziness going on and wanted to lend
support…but what he said to me next shocked me to my bone marrow. He said ‘I
hope u’re sitting down’. Thankfully I was because I would have literally fallen
if I hadn’t been sitting.

You see, my
good friend and biggest supporter Alex 1976AD told me he was Mr Aye Dee. The
same guy who started this. The guy that got Google to shut down my blog. It
wasn’t about plagiarism or copyright infringement…it was about a scorned former
friend. It was about love turning to hate because he felt I’d abandoned him
after I became big.… The last time he tried to contact me was on July 12th
2013…before reaching out again on Wednesday…” she narrated.

Mr Aye Dee has released a series of tweets in rebuttal, insisting that Linda
stole his copyrighted materials, and when she wouldn’t respond to his efforts
to contact her, he took the appropriate action.

In the meantime, fans are wondering from the facts available if it wasn’t
all a conspiracy, or maybe Linda may have removed her own blog as a publicity
ploy hatched with Mr Aye Dee to further popularize her already runaway blog.
During the chats, Linda and Mr Aye Dee supposedly hashed out their personal
issues. They kissed and made up and agreed on a joint story to put out to the

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