What Islamic group said about Etinosa and her threat to mess up the Quran

The Muslim Congress, TMC, has called on all Muslims to render assistance to actress Etinosa Idemudia who threatened to mess up the Quran after she appeared in a video showing her smoking and using the Bible as an ashtray.

Dr. Ibrahim Ogunkoya, the TMC president in Ogun State advised all Muslims not to dare Etinosa to carry out the threat on the Quran.

According to a statement issued by TMC, Ogunkoya stated that the actress must have done what she did out of depression.

Ogunkoya said, “The actress must have been going through depression and psychological trauma. We must pity her condition and negative state of mind because of her resolve to use the holy book for this heinous act.

“It is our duty as Nigerians especially Christians and Muslims to provide moral and spiritual support to those afflicted but not only condemning them.

“Allah is the Most Beneficent and Merciful. He will not hesitate to forgive Etinosa if she decided to repent and retrace her steps just as many of us had one time or the other committed sins and God forgave us.

“The Nollywood actress, Etinosa needs our help and not condemnation, if truly we understand the teachings of Jesus Christ and Prophet Muhammad. It is against the Islamic principles to dare people or encourage them to sin even when we are aware of the dare consequences of engaging in it.

“Let us be guided by the words of Allah in chapter 6 (SuratulAl-An’aam) verse 108 which says ‘Do not revile those who worship others besides Allah so that they would not wrongfully revile Allah through ignorance. Thus, we have made the deeds of every Nation seem fair to them. Thereafter, they shall return to their Lord for reckoning, and He will tell them what they used to do’, Al-An’aam (6:108)”

“The Muslim Congress (TMC) therefore urged religious leaders, especially Islamic clerics, to embrace Etinosa more with love than hatred. What we should detest is her actions and not the creation of Allah. Etinosa is the creation of Allah.”

The Muslim Congress President invites Etinosa for a discussion about her conviction and interacts on possible areas of compromise.”

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