Facebook user recounts what happened when Pastor Kumuyi attended Dunamis’ Glory Dome

Pastor W.F Kumuyi graced the Grand finale of the Kingdom power and glory world conference 2018 that held at the Dunamis International Gospel Center newly built 100,000 seater auditorium.

A Facebook user, Emeka Francis took to his Facebook page to recount what happened when Pastor Kumuyi was preaching and after he finished preaching.

Below is what he wrote…

Yesterday was Waooo!! At the Dunamis International Gospel Center Abuja. God used Pastor W F Kumuyi to do the Miracle that I have never seen in Deeper Life Church for the past 10 years of my experience in Deeper Life. 
The Theme of The Programme being COME UP HITHER Pastor WF Kumuyi derived his Message title from the theme titled COME UP HITHER AND GO UP HIGHER, after introducing the title, he divided the message into three subheadings as well:
Point 1. Get up from Revelation to Restoration
Point 2 Go up from Revelation to Resurrection
Point3 Grow up from Revelation to Realization
After the sermon, Daddy made an altar call and thousands of people were rushing ? to come and surrender their lives to Christ. When Daddy led them to Christ, he told the congregation that they should get ready to dance because there is going to be an explosion of Miracle
Daddy made a short prayer, after the last amen brethren come and see Miracles. The lame began to drop their crutches, the mad people began to recover, the paralyzed began to run, the deaf began to hear. In fact, I cannot fathom the depth or the extent of the miracles that happened in Dunamis but it’s greater than the ones I have been seeing in Deeper Life Church.
The Miracles were incredible. In fact, Pastor Paul Enenche had to come and give a hand shake to Daddy Kumuyi telling him to come back again. A woman that have not walked for the past 22 years ago, began to walk and run. She said after the prayers, she saw some beings on black attires going out from her leg and that’s when she began to walk. Oh it’s was all wonderful!
Pastor Paul Enenche led the congregation into another realm of dancing to fulfill the prophecy given by Daddy Kumuyi.
Somebody was spiritually attacked in his upper limp. maggots were coming out of the wound but after the prayer of our daddy, the wound dried up instantly and the maggots stop coming out.
Please celebrate Jesus! This is the finale of the Kingdom Power and Glory World Conference

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