See the weird wedding day stories shared by Nigerians

Weird wedding day stories shared by Nigerians on Facebook.


Below are stories shared by Facebook users on the weird things they experienced at weddings. The stories are culled from Facebook post of Eketi Edima Ette. Read screenshots for more.

Wedding 1: The groom’s sister demanded that one of the bridesmaid’s picking money should hand over all the money that was being sprayed to her. The bridesmaid refused, as she was under strict instructions not to do so. Right there on the dance floor, the groom’s sister slapped the bridesmaid and dragged the bag of money from her.I was the bridesmaid that was slapped. Chai!

Wedding 2: After the wedding, as we were taking pictures, the bride and groom got into a heated argument. The mother of the groom wanted to follow the couple to their new home. The bride objected, saying it was their wedding night, for them alone. The groom said she had no right or authority to object, that his mother was coming home, as they had a lot to gist about. I later heard that the groom and his mother spent the wedding night together, on the same bed, while his wife slept in the guest room. The marriage ended after 2 years.

Wedding 3: At the reception, the chief bridesmaid was giving her toast. She said, “I’m so happy to witness this wedding today. The couple are my friends and I was there from the beginning of the relationship. They are a good example of the fact that having sex on the first date doesn’t mean that man won’t marry you. They met at So-and-so Club and went home together that day. And today, we’re celebrating their wedding.” You could’ve heard a pin drop in that hall.

Wedding 4: At the church, the pastor asked us all to stand, as the bride was about to march in. We all stood. Then there was a commotion at the back of the church. The bride had changed her mind. She said she wasn’t matching in again, that she was under a lot of pressure and was about to make a grave mistake. No amount of begging changed her mind o. That’s how the wedding was cancelled and we went home without eating party Jollof.

weird wedding day stories

Weird wedding day stories

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