“We were not in a relationship” Emma Nyra still insists that Ubi Franklin made up the story of their affair

Sometime last year, Emma Nyra and Ubi Franklin made headlines after they both told different stories to different media platforms. Emma Nyra had explained that she  quit Ubi’s music label for some other reasons and not because he left her for his now wife, Lilian Esoro..yet Ubi in another interview around that period claimed they were actually in a relationship but he broke up with her because she was manner-less and all. 
Well, Punch newspaper recently caught up with Emma and this chat happened…enjoy!

Some people say with your looks and talent,you should have surpassed your current status in the industry.
I have only been doing music for three
years. I was doing music professionally in the USA before I moved to
Nigeria in 2012. Throughout high school, I participated in talent shows,
and played sports for my university, which enabled me to sing the
American national anthem at every home game. In 2009, I opened up a show
for P-Square during their U.S. tour and decided that I wanted to
venture into entertainment full-time. I released my first single in 2012
and I am happy with what I am doing right now.
What label are you currently signed on with?
I have my own label now, Nyra Nation and Nyra Empire.
Is this a deliberate decision?
I want to handle my own projects, so I
can see and track my own revenue. I can make my own money and also bring
up other artistes when the time comes.
Didn’t your former label, TripleMG, do all you mentioned above for you?
Obviously they didn’t.
Didn’t you ask questions, speak out or air your grievances?
I did air my grievances but they were not addressed. That was why I left the label.
What are some of the lessons you have learnt since you parted ways with your former label?
I learnt to focus and not really trust
what I hear. I have learnt to take everything I am being told by sight
and keep my faith in God because He is the only one who actually has my
back. Even if I hear something, I don’t react just like that and I also
stay away from drama. If I sense that a situation might likely lead to a
confrontation, I simply avoid it.
It is believed that when an
artiste is in a relationship with his or her label boss or label mate it
spells doom for his or her career. Do you agree?
I actually wasn’t in a relationship with Ubi. He made all that story up. Personally, I don’t want to speak about it.
What is your relationship with your former label boss, Ubi Franklin, like? Are you both cordial?
No, I wouldn’t like to speak about that.

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