We did not receive any prophecy that she would become famous in the future – Mother Of Bread Seller Olajumoke tells it all in new interview

Mrs Ramota Kamorudeen, a vegetable seller at Obada market in Iree, Boripe Local Government Area of Osun State, is the mother of Olajumoke Orisagunna, a bread seller in Lagos who recently shot to fame courtesy of ace singer and photographer, T. Y. Bello. In this interview with Saturday Tribune,  Mrs Kamorudeen bares her mind on her daughter’s sudden transformation.

Find Excerpts below.

How did you receive the news of your daughter becoming a celebrity overnight?

I was very happy when I heard. It is a thing of joy that my daughter has become an important person in life.

Was there previously a sign or prophecy that Olajumoke would be great in life?

There was no sign and we did not receive any prophecy from a pastor or
alfa that she would become famous in the future. What I have always
known, however, is that only God has the power to change a person’s
status from nothing to something.

What did you discuss with her before she left for Lagos where fortune eventually smiled on her?

I beseeched God to open the door of opportunities for her, let her make
it and let anything she laid her hands on in Lagos turn to gold. I
prayed God to make her meet somebody who would help her. Those were my
prayers and I thank God that He has answered them.

How would you describe Olajumoke?

She is a lovely child, well-behaved and easygoing. She does not do anything that can bring problem to her or others.

Why did her education stop at the primary school level?

After she left primary school, she told me that she wanted to learn
hairdressing, so, we took her to a shop here in Iree where she started
to learn the occupation. That was the reason she did not go beyond
primary school. After she completed her apprenticeship a few years ago,
we organised a graduation ceremony for her.

Now that Olajumoke’s status has changed, what is your advice for her?

I know that God does things His own way but my advice for her is to
allow God to lead her in everything she does and listen to the
instructions of people who have helped her to become what she is today.
My prayer is that as God started something great in her life, He would
continue to help her so that she would rise and become successful.

Has she called you since her life changed?

Yes, she has called me several times. She even called me the day the
good thing happened and explained everything to me. She told me about
how she was discovered by the lady called T. Y. Bello. I was so excited.
I danced vigorously to appreciate God for ‘remembering’ my daughter.
She has not come back to Iree since that remarkable thing happened to
her but we have been communicating on the telephone. We speak on the
phone at least six times a day.

Did Olajumoke grow up in Iree?

Yes, she grew up here in Iree.

What do you do for a living?

I am a vegetable seller. I have been doing this work for a long time.
This is my stand. This is where I sell vegetables, including ewedu.
Olajumoke’s siblings are in nursery and primary schools.

How do you see your daughter’s sudden fame?

God has done something so wonderful in my life that I cannot express how
joyous I am. My daughter has made me proud. God has set her feet on the
path of greatness.

What is your plan now? Do you intend to go and meet your daughter in Lagos?

I want her to settle down first. I will go and meet her in Lagos later. She told me that they would soon travel.

What about her husband, Sunday Orisagunna?

Her husband has gone to meet her since the time she was discovered by T.
Y. Bello. One of Jumoke’s children is with her and the other one is
here in Iree.


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