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“We are coming for you…treat us well” – Robbers write Ogun state residents



Lolz…what would you do if you actually woke up one morning only to find a scary note from armed robbers to you….

Letter-by-Robbers-448x336Residents of Lambe area of Ogun state have received an audacious letter from some fearless robbers urging them to give them a welcoming hospitality when they attack their community in the coming days. The letter reads, “You residents of this area be prepared to receive your friends very soon. If you like, inform the police or your security men or OPC, you will just lose your lives. What is important is to cooperate with us and to get ready to give us a warm welcome,” the robbers said in the short letter. A female resident said her family will relocate from the community this week. She said her family needs money to celebrate Easter, explaining that the residents are worried because of the lack of security in the country. She revealed that none of the residents wants to talk about it because “the robbers might be living among us.” “ I have warned my husband to stay away from this matter because you do not know who is who in the area, “she said.