Wait, why are these twitter users angry with Amber Rose and D’banj?

When American model, Amber Rose
arrived Lagos Nigeria on Saturday 31, January 2015 to host the 10th anniversary
kick-off party of D’banj that same day, several music lovers in Nigeria were
hopeful they would have a great time.

But after only spending Amber 7 minutes
on stage at the event before leaving, many have described her so-called
appearance as a no-show and she has come under fire for not spending ample time
on stage after she was announced to host the party earlier, let alone twerk for
her fans.
She is now receiving even more bashing on social media from Nigerians
who are angry with her for not deeming it fit to post any picture of her stay
in Nigeria on any of her social media pages as she usually updates her
While she was in Lagos, there was no activity on her social media
pages, but since her return to the States, she has posted a number of things
but none of it is related to her trip to Lagos apart from a tweet that reads:
‘Dancing with Girls from Nigeria made me realize I really suck at dancing.’

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