Vulture ‘Delivers’ Letter To Akwa Ibom Monarch To Quit Throne

Natives of Iba Oku, Uyo local government area of Akwa Ibom state
are yet to come to terms with how a vulture allegedly delivered a
letter to their village head, Eteidung Gabriel Mbeka asking him to quite
his throne.

Following the strange incident, palpable tension has
enveloped the sleepy community even as the embattled monarch has cried
out for help alleging that his throne and his life are being threatened
by ‘sinister forces’.

Speaking to the Nation in his palace, the
monarch accused the Clan Head of Oku, Etebom Enefiok Effiong Okpon, of
alleged sinister plot to oust him “because he wants to turn my domain
into his vassal province”.

“Since I was given the staff of office
in 2012, as the Village Head of Iba Oku, I have been having a running
battle with my Clan Head, Etebom Okpon, who insisted he must also
control my domain and collect revenues.

“When I could not yield
to his request, he resorted to using traditional invocations to
eliminate me. They sent vulture to deliver a letter, asking me to quit
the throne. I was scared and had to escape from my palace for several

“Since that period, I have been totally deprived of my powers to function effectively as the traditional ruler of my community.

Clan Head denied me the powers to hold court with my people by sealing
off the Village Council Hall, forcing me to attend to my people in the
primary school and my palace.

“Hoodlums also invaded my palace
and seized my royal regalia and other paraphernalia of office; just make
me ordinary as a traditional ruler.

“When all these actions
failed, he started sending threat messages that I would be eliminated if
I fail to cooperate with him to sell government’s land and share the
proceeds with him.

“Recently, he sent one of his Personal
Assistant (PA) to come to my area and enquire concerning my personal
details as well as my daily routines. But he did not know that one of
those he enquired from is my loyal subject.

“I reported the case
to the Police and later charged it to Court, but up till now, it is
regrettable that matters concerning my life cannot be allowed to go to
Court for redress because of interventions by politicians for their
personal interests”, he lamented.

It was gathered that the
Etteidung Mbeke, was heavily hounded with trump up charges of embezzling
N20million proceeds from the community land and other funds, but the
monarch denied the allegation and took the matter before the Uyo
Magistrate Court 11.

The case with charge number: MU7152017,
according to the monarch was first heard at the Uyo Magistrate Court 11,
but the Court declined jurisdiction and referred it the Directorate of
Public Prosecution (DPP) for the matter to be reassign to the High

The monarch prayers include Court order restraining the
accused from invading his community with warriors to dethrone him,
threats to his life and plot to take over his domain and resources.

till now, the case is still pending with the DPP because of interests
from the politicians including the member representing the Uyo Federal
Constituency, Hon. Mark Enyong and that of the House of Assembly for
Uyo, Hon. Monday Eyo”.

“I want justice in my case; let the matter
be taken to the High Court so that all these issues will be addressed.
The politicians should leave the case alone because it is a traditional
matter”, he said.

According to him, the case was to be heard in
the High Court, on October 26, but expressed worry that with all the
antics displayed by the DPP, the matter may be suppressed continually”.

am the only surviving Village Head still remaining on the throne in
Afaha Oku Clan. The Clan Head has made it a point of duty to stampede
others who could not cooperate with him”, he lamented.

instance, he (the Clan Head), has forced out other certified Village
Heads in my Clan including the Village Head of Nnung Ebie Enang Idoro,
Nnung Uyo Idoro, Nduetong Oku and Afaha Oku”, he said, adding that “in
some villages that he can’t control, he made sure
there is a parallel government in the place.

contacted the Divisional Police Officer (DPO) in-charge of the case,
Mr. G. Udofia, saying the matter has lingered for several months, but
express worry over the refusal of the contending parties to resolve it

“The Federal House member for Uyo, Hon. Mike Enyong
called me to expressed dissatisfaction over the handling of the matter
and since then, I have not heard from him again”, he said.


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