Visit online portal to know Polling Units, INEC urges voters

INEC ballot boxes -1

The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has advised eligible voters to visit its online portal to find their polling places in the upcoming general election.

The commission issued the guidance on Sunday in Abuja in a brief message titled “Information for all eligible voters.”

The commission thought this was significant because, in order to promote a stress-free voting experience on election day, it had relocated some allotted voters from crowded polling locations to less crowded polling locations within the same building.

“INEC in exercise of its powers under Section 40(2) of the Electoral Act, 2022, has allotted voters from overcrowded polling units to less congested polling units within the same location to promote a more pleasant and stress free voting experience on election day.

“Please visit the INEC’s Voter Verification System on: or to check your name on the register of voters and confirm the location of your polling unit where you will vote on election day,” it stated.

The commission added that the list of registered voters in the 176,846 polling units nationwide would be on display at each polling unit prior to the election day.

“Eligible voters are encouraged to visit their polling units to check for their name on the register and confirm location of their polling unit where they will vote on election day,” it advised. (NAN)

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