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Victor Okafor ‘Ezego’ N500m Mansion Lying Waste (Photos)



When Solomon said all is vanity, “vanity upon
vanity”, most people who read this part of the bible thought he is being
mischievous, but to be candid, he is being truthful and straight to the
point as he could be.

Since billionaire Victor Okafor aka
‘Ezego’ died mysteriously in December 1999 in an accident while
returning home for Christmas and to celebrate his birthday, things have
allegedly not remained the same. One would think lots of
property-hijacking and fights amongst relatives would have taken place
after the billionaire’s death in Ihiala town, Anambra state. But this is
not so, according to reports.

PM News reports that the N500m
mansion belonging to the late billionaire is said to be abandoned over
his connection with the dreaded Okija shrine. The mansion which houses
lots of golden chairs and tables, expensive fabrics, rugs, electronics,
electrical appliances, abandoned vehicles and others worth millions of
naira is said to have remained untouched since the billionaire’s death.

with the high rate of robbery in the area where the mansion is
situated, no robber seem to be interested in touching the building or
the amenities it houses, even without security men in sight. All for the
fear of being dealt with by the deity which is assumed to have killed
the billionaire owner.

It was also gathered that the billionaire
was said to have attracted the anger of the deity after he allegedly
could not defend himself over a report by one of his kinsmen who
reportedly dragged him to the shrine over business transaction which he
alleged that Okafor had cheated him.

Reports are that since the
‘king of money’ died years ago, members of the immediate family
including his wife and children have not returned to the mansion. The
will ‘Ezego’ had prepared was not read because the lawyer who prepared
the will one Barrister Barnabas Igwe was brutally murdered with his

What does this teach?