Vanity! Inside Joan Rivers’ $35m Lavish New York Home (photos)

Opulent: The drawing room in Joan Rivers' Upper East Side condo is a sea of pink and gold velvet, with a grand piano in the corner, lit by three glittering chandeliers

Daily Mail has released
photos from Joan Rivers’ New York home – dripping with chandeliers and
lined with gold.
Joan’s living room ceilings scaled
30ft-high, and velvet drapes framed the vast windows. The 5,000-square-foot
penthouse is held up by gold pillars. And in every corner of the opulent New
York apartment sit stacks of index cards with jokes spanning her entire career.
See more jaw dropping photos below:

Backstage: She prepared for every day as if she was going to perform, starting in this bulb-lined bathroom which resembled backstage at a theatre
May her soul rest.

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