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Uproar as new unfiltered owambe photos of Bobrisky breaks the internet

Nigerian male barbie, Bobrisky has left many confused as a new unfiltered photos of him during Nollywood actress Lizzy Anjorin’s conferment with the chieftancy title of “BOROKINNI ADINNI” of Nigeria, has gone viral. Contrary to the flawless photos many are used to, this photo has everything wrong with it, depicting the fact that the crossdresser uses filters for all of his photos to look perfect

The male Barbie has made headlines as he has now become a laughing stock on social media considering that he is often quick to brag about his beauty and ability to make any man jitter

Many who are used to his 100% face-beat have expressed their indepth shock when his unfiltered photos went viral as his skin was not so flawless in the photos.

Some online user joked about how Bobrisky’s skin filter went on a vacation, while others dragged him for his deception .

It may be recalled that this is not the first time Bobrisky’s unfiltered photos surfaced online. Unfiltered photos of Bobrisky with fans were rampant at some point and the cross-dresser vowed to stop taking photos with fans.


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