Update: ‘At large’ father of the triplets shows up after well-meaning Nigerians offer help (Photos)

We reported yesterday that a woman identified as Mrs Iember Vitalis, who was one of the victims of the recent flood in Makurdi, Benue State, delivered triplets at home last Sunday here
The new mother couldn’t afford food, diapers, clothes, drugs and other items needed for the children’s upkeep. It was also reported that her newborn triplets reportedly drank well water
Her husband Vitalis, a commercial motorcyclist was seen once since the birth of the children.
After activist and philanthropist, Ukan Kurugh shared her story, help poured in from well-meaning Nigerians.
In an update, he revealed that father of the triplets showed up this morning at the Madona Hospital Makurdi, where the children have been brought for medical checkup. Read more below:

Finally, the at large father of the triplets, Mr. Vitalis showed up and there is jubilation at the Madona Hospital Makurdi where the children have been brought for medical checkup and to officially see the doctor since they were delivered at home last Sunday. 

It could be recalled that, in the wake of the delivery of the triplets, the father Mr. Vitalis Kember who is a subsistence farmer and commercial cyclist departed for unknown reasons and never showed up. We began garnering support from the social media and support has been coming in. 

Today however, the man returned and vowed to take full responsibility of his wife and children, His explanations for not showing up will be explained later. For now, there is unity and everyone seems happy.





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