UNILAG Tests Students For Hard Drugs As 100 Users Have Been Caught

In a bid to check drug abuse on campus, the University of Lagos has provided a drug test kit in its medical centre to examine students suspected to be on hard drugs. And now no less than 100 illicit drug users have been reportedly caught within a year of commencement of the tests.
Outgoing Vice-Chancellor of the institution, Prof. Rahaman Bello, confirmed this at a forum with News Agency of Nigeria in Lagos.

Bello said the initiative was necessary because drug abuse was on the increase, generally, in the nation’s tertiary institutions.

“Drug abuse is a major problem for every institution, particularly those in the cities. We have gone ahead in the University of Lagos to address it.

“With the test kit, anyone who is suspected, his/her urine or blood — depending on what we want to do — is collected for test.

“The thing about drug is that when you take it, it will be in your blood for a long time, so you cannot say, ‘I did not use it’ once the test kit detects it.

“Before we started using the test kit, everyone we picked denied using drug since we could not find any evidence,” he said.

According to him, with the test kit, the university has been able to pin down victims, but granted them amnesty.



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